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To Buy a Book Directly From Wacahoota Press

Send check or money order to:

Wacahoota Press
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For credit card orders, please order books through Amazon.com

Prices are as follows:

"A Plan for the Abolition of Slavery" by Moses E. Levy: $14.95

"A Rebel in Cuba" by Neill Macaulay: $19.95

"Richland Street" by Kevin O'Kelly: $18.95

"The Sandino Affair" by Neill Macaulay: $20.95

"Terrestrial Mammals of the West Indies: Contributions" edited by Rafael Borroto-Páez, Charles A. Woods and Florence E. Sergile: $35.00


"Terrestrial Mammals of the West Indies: Contributions": $5.00
Other books: $3.00
Add $2.00 for each additional book.
Florida residents add 6.5% sales tax.

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